Arizona Wedding Planning Team Sip and Twirl Launches New Website / by Laurie Cohen

arizona wedding planner

My first wedding was in 2004 when my daughter Emma was still in diapers (she is 12).  In 2011 we filed our articles of incorporation and our first official wedding as ‘Sip and Twirl’ was in June of 2012 up in Strawberry, Arizona.  I was 34 weeks pregnant with my 5th little monkey (Charlie)….not the easiest way to start a job that can wreck the youngest and fittest of college interns. 12+ hours on my feet (at altitude), running around moving things, setting décor, setting up and assisting vendors around the property.  Thankfully, I was surrounded by an all star cast and the night was amazing.  That first bride, welcomed her first son to the world last year.   

Almost four years, scores of wonderful clients and 'friendors' and 4 fabulous team members later, Sip and Twirl has a soul of it’s own.  We are a sassy, fun, creative group of wedding planners who are believers in standing up for what's right, keeping calm and creating the perfect wedding.  The perfect wedding doesn’t mean that nothing goes wrong, or that everything is right the first time, but we are there on your wedding day, collected, loyal and determined to deliver your wedding dreams. 

The Sip and Twirl website, has remained largely unchanged since it's initial launch in 2012. Almost, 2016, it was time for an update.  Now rich with incredible wedding photography, gorgeous wedding design and a few select nuggets of wedding advice, a new website, that reflects the soul of Sip and Twirl, is born.