|Sip and Twirl| Arizona Wedding Planner: Wedding Cinematography: Book it or Skip it? / by Laurie Cohen

Cinematography: Skip it or Book it?

Congratulations on your wedding engagement! If you feel a little overwhelmed in the initial stages of wedding planning you are not alone. There are so many elements of wedding planning and design to consider, and once you get engaged, you may have a lot of questions.  Your first step in beginning to plan is to meet with at least one Arizona wedding planner to make sense of how to plan your wedding.  In the first months of your wedding planning, you will want to clarify a comprehensive wedding planning budget, there may be quite a few items you had not considered yet.  

Many of our clients do not initially budget for cinematography at the beginning stages of wedding planning.  And we completely understand why! The budget can often seem overwhelming when you learn of all of the items that are factored in to create your big day, and having a wedding cinematographer is one of the most common items that gets scrapped from the wedding budget first. As an Arizona wedding planner and bride myself last year, I found myself considering this same dilemma when creating my wedding budget and ultimately opted out of hiring a cinematographer to capture our wedding day. If there is one regret I have from my wedding, it is that my husband and I don't have a beautiful wedding film to look back on. I now feel compelled to advise all Arizona wedding couples to not make the same mistake I did! If you are on the fence, we advise you to stay open to the idea, because we have witnessed first-hand how Sip and Twirl clients have opted to book wedding videography later in the process, and have thanked us after the fact.   

We most commonly hear that having a film feels unnecessary if you are hiring a great wedding photographer. While it’s true that the special moments will be captured by the photography team, the feeling that a wedding film evokes cannot be matched:  Your mom fastening the final buttons on your dress; The moment you each say “I do” and share your first kiss as a married couple; Your best friend’s hilarious toast; Dance floor moves that are forever captured on film. (Need we say more?) These are fleeting moments throughout the wedding day that you can cherish and laugh through for years to come.

We work with a variety of wedding cinematography companies in Arizona who do a fabulous job. They book up quickly during wedding season, so it’s best to reserve a team during the beginning stages of your planning process. Serendipity Cinematography gets a special mention from us at Sip and Twirl because of their consistency in producing excellent films, which results in very happy clients!  

Check out Sip and Twirl’s Youtube page for a sample of our client’s films. Just make sure to have a box of tissues with you first!