| SIP AND TWIRL| ARIZONA WEDDING PLANNER: Proposing this Fall? Start Planning with our Proposal Checklist! / by Kristen Bradley

Fall has to be one of our very favorite times of the year.  While most people are starting to transition into the holiday season, we in the wedding industry are gearing up for engagement season, (eeeeeeek).  Gentlemen (and ladies!) far and wide are thinking about getting down on bended knee, and first, let us say, congratulations!  We are here to help you with the heavy lifting, and have included some important points below to consider when planning your perfect proposal.

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

Create a unique and thoughtful moment

Proposals don’t have to be over the top. In fact, many couple prefer to have a more intimate moment.  We recommend by starting to brainstorm ideas about anything that your partner loves.  Think about location, music, time of day, food and drink, ambiance, color, etc…  Does your partner like to keep things low key, or does your partner love to take the spotlight from time to time?  Taking a moment to write down all of these preferences will inspire your creativity.  Create a beautiful proposal story that you and your partner love to share throughout your engagement and onwards.  

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

Get their blessing

If you’re planning on asking a parent (or other close loved one’s) blessing for your spouse-to-be’s hand in marriage, it’s best to ask before you propose.  If you’re concerned that the proposal won't be kept a secret, make sure you ask them to keep it so, or consider speaking with them within a week of your planned proposal date so as to limit the opportunities for spilling the beans. 

Nail the timing

With all of the planning, (and post-engagement celebrating) that you are about to experience, you’ll want to be intentional about timing your proposal.  Is your partner in the midst of busy season at work and may be putting in some late hours?  Do you have an upcoming family gathering that you’d like to attend as a newly engaged couple?  Do you have upcoming holiday travel, or a close friend or family member’s wedding to consider so as not to steal any of the spotlight?  Take a good look at you and your partner’s calendar to make sure that you don’t have any responsibilities that may conflict with your proposal. 

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

Maintain an element of surprise

While your partner may be predicting a proposal in the near future, keep them guessing a little.  Having an element of surprise adds to the excitement and intensity of the moment.  If you have a big trip planned, and your partner suspects it may be during this time that you pop the question, consider doing it beforehand in just as beautiful of a way.  

Document the moment

Capturing special moments has never been easier, and you definitely don’t (necessarily) need to hire a professional photographer to get it right.  When you are planning out your proposal, make sure this detail is covered.  If you prefer to not film or photograph the moment, consider capturing your experience together in a journal immediately afterwards.  The actual moment will go by in a flash, and you’ll want to relive it over and over again in the years to come. 

Prepare for a Plan B

Take a moment to consider what you would do if Plan A wasn’t an option anymore.  This could be due to the weather, bad traffic, your partner having to work late or catching the seasonal flu.  Have a back up plan in place to avoid feeling disappointment or day-of panic that things aren’t going quite as planned.  When it comes to proposals, it’s always worth it to be fully prepared for your special moment.  

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

And now, for the ring…

Hopefully by now you have narrowed down a general idea for the ring of her dreams.  If you’re feeling stuck here, not to worry!  There are some great resources available to you to get on the right track.  If your fiancé-to-be has a Pinterest account, chances are, she has already pinned a few rings that have caught her eye, so you can start by checking out her boards.  If this leaves you with nothing, reach out to her bestie, or her sister if she has one and they are close.  It’s likely that she’s mentioned something to one of her closest friends about what she likes, (and doesn’t like!).  You can also take notice of what rings she usually wears to get a feel for the style, (ex: silver, gold, or rose gold), or the shape of the diamond or stone you plan to propose with.  

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

Chelsea and John's engagement photos were taken by Andrew Jade Photography in Tempe at the ASU campus.  

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