| SIP AND TWIRL| ARIZONA WEDDING PLANNER: Personalize your Arizona Wedding Ceremony with These Ideas! / by Kristen Bradley

While your wedding reception will naturally receive much of your attention in the planning stages leading up to your wedding, your ceremony deserves your talents and focus too.  After all, this is the most important moment of your wedding day!  We have collected some ideas to help you plan a wedding ceremony that is as unique as the love you share with your partner.  

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Reserve Wedding Guest Chairs with a Special Note

You’ll want to reserve the front row(s) for your closest family members and friends, so why not leave a note of gratitude on these chairs, preceremony.  Thank them for all of the support and help they have given to you during your engagement, and share any thoughts or sentiments about what it means to have them share in your special day.  Of course including a tissue in your card will come in handy as you walk down the aisle!  

Accessorize your Wedding Guests

If you are anything like us, you love all of the different floral moments throughout a wedding day, and who says these need to be limited to your bridesmaids and groomsmen?  Work with your florist to set up a table of fresh floral hair pins or boutonnieres.  Or, you can also have a station with all of the supplies to DIY flower crowns for women and younger guests alike.  Choose colors and floral varieties that compliment you and your bridesmaid’s bouquets, and you will create a beautiful cohesive look.  Your guests will feel instantly appreciated, and they will truly stand out in your photos.

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Planner

Offer Wedding Guests a Refreshing Drink

There is usually a chunk of downtime before the wedding ceremony starts as guest arrive and begin to socialize, plus, the ceremony is often the warmest part of the day for guests. One way to quench your guest’s thirst while warmly welcoming everyone is to set up drink station.  Glasses of prosecco, champagne, a signature cocktail, or even Pellegrino add a nice touch to the atmosphere.  Having a winter wedding?  Give guests mugs of hot cider, Irish coffee, or mulled wine to cozy up with as they arrive from the cold.

Scottsdale Arizona wedding planner

Have Someone Meaningful Marry You

Is there someone special in both you and your partner’s life, or your parent’s life who also has a flair for public speaking, or engaging an audience?  Having someone that you love marry you can be very meaningful, and it will also calm your nerves as you prepare to walk down the aisle!  There are a few ways to get ordained online, which vary in terms of cost and the amount of time it takes for it be become official.  If your officiant could use a little guidance,  check out this fabulous ceremony kit by our favorite Arizona Wedding Officiant, Matt Nathanson. 

Honor your Ancestors or Mission Loved Ones

Whether it’s a grandparent that has passed away, or a bother that is in the military, your ceremony is the perfect place to mention those that are in your thoughts.  You can have your officiant recognize them, or you can place their photo in a locket that you hold in your bouquet.  If you have a large group of people, like ancestors, or if most grandparents have passed, consider setting up a table with the photos of loved ones as a way to incorporate their memory into your wedding day.  

All photos of Meghan and Brendan's wedding by Brittany Janelle Photography

All photos of Meghan and Brendan's wedding by Brittany Janelle Photography

Meghan and Brendan's wedding was photographed by Brittany Janelle, with floral by Petal Pusher.  The couple held this Arizona wedding at the Omni Montelucia, in Paradise Valley.  

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