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Happy Anniversary from Pretty in Blue by Jessie Flores

Pretty in Blue's Mission Statement:

Welcome to Sip and Twirl's newest wedding blog.  October 17th marked a year since gay marriage was legalized in Arizona.  Now that LGBTQI couples can wed in Arizona and across the US, we can CELEBRATE!  Because of this celebration, we have decided to change our “Marriage Equality” blog name to "Pretty in Blue".  Pretty in Blue embraces and promotes our Arizona LGBTQI friendly vendors and gives you a chance to see some of the most innovative wedding trends in the Phoenix LGBTQI Community.

Since the legalization of Gay Marriage, we have watched new traditions emerge for LGBTQI weddings. The wedding planners at Sip and Twirl are here to help you out with share our experiences and answer any questions you may have.

“When there are two brides, who walks down the aisle when?”

Answer: In a typical wedding when there is a bride AND a groom, the groom usually walks down the aisle (or the up the side of the aisle) first and waits for his bride to come down the aisle after the entire wedding party is in place. In the case of two brides or two grooms, that rule doesn't necessarily apply. While there can always be one man or woman waiting at the end of the aisle, it is not required. At Sip and Twirl we have done lesbian weddings where one bride went first, escorted by her father followed by the second bride and her father.  We currently have a couple that will walk simultaneously and meet up in the middle of the aisle.  You two can walk in together holding hand-in-hand if you want. One of the perks of a gay wedding is that you don't have rules.

“Who gives away the groom?”

Answer: When it comes to gay weddings, the question of who will be giving away the groom always comes up. Honestly, the parent or grandparent you're closest to usually gives away the groom. One of the more popular trends is to have each groom walk down the aisle with their mothers. It's so touching and meaningful.

“How do we determine our wedding party?”

Answer: There is nothing very different in determining the wedding party for a gay wedding as compared to a traditional wedding. Just make sure that the people in your wedding party are people you like and can trust to help keep you calm during the days up to your wedding.  Choose the people you want around you during this special time.  

 Sip and Twirl celebrates our Arizona couples through the eyes of the camera and through the heart of their stories. We are here to help you in your search for your LGBTQI friendly vendors in the Arizona wedding industry and to help create your magical day. Contact Sip and Twirl today.  


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With any luck, 2015 will see Arizona's ban on Marriage Equality overturned.  In the meantime, Sip and Twirl continues to enthusiastically plan LGBT weddings across Arizona and Hawaii.  We work with MANY passionate supporters of Marriage Equality and we believe those vendors deserve recognition.  If you or someone you know in the Wedding Industry would like to be added to our Marriage Equality Support List and are willing to offer services at a discounted rate until the ban is removed, please email us at