| Sip and Twirl | 2016 Groom Fashion / by Jessie Flores

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Girls seem to have all the fun when it comes to weddings. Little do they know, they’re not the only ones who want to be treated like royalty on their special day. With many wedding trends tending towards the less traditional, there are fewer rules and more room for self expression in your wedding. With more freedom of choice, comes some fabulous options in wedding day attire.  Men are taking full advantage of this evolution in big ways. From details like accessories to fully customized tuxedos, grooms get to embrace the star treatment too.

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Groom Accessories.  We gentlemen only have so much we are able to change up with our outfits. I have not found any bohemian tuxedos or whimsical suits in my price range quite yet. For this reason, grooms have to be creative in their accessories. There are so many more options these days. You can be safe and go with a patterned bow tie or even try the “hipster” look with a wooden bow tie (Two Guys Bow Tie Co.) . At the Oscars, Jared Leto pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and was spotted wearing a Crimson Flower (Gucci) in lieu of a bow tie. If you end up going with a traditional tie, go for a different texture. Textures are really hot right now! Try a cloth tie or an embroidered one. Other accessories where men can have fun are pocket squares and cuff links. Choose things that will stand out, but make sure they fit the theme and color. Remember, you shouldn’t knowingly try to steal the spotlight from your partner.

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Tuxedos and Shirts. The tuxedo is the gown of the groom. Tuxedos and suits are more customizable than most people think!  At Sip and Twirl, we’ve used Brothers Tailors in Arizona for unique suits for our clients. They customize every single piece of the suit or the tuxedo. Go have fun and choose a patterned liner for your suit.  Or go bold with brighter colors. Depending on your wedding style, dress down your suit or tuxedo with a patterned shirt under the jacket. Florals are totally in right now.  If you or your fiancee aren't up for that much variation, try a colored shirt instead of the traditional white shirt.

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The Shoes.  “Oh, my God, shoes. Let’s get some shoes.” Men get to wear the glass slipper every once in awhile and live out their fairytale. Shoes tie the entire outfit together and can make a big statement. For a more modern look, ditch the traditional black shoes. Go with a different texture for your shoes. Wear suede. You can also opt for a more casual look by dressing down your tuxedo with some loafers, sneakers, or even flip-flops (if both parties agree of course). If you’re in a jungle or on a beach, it’s totally acceptable to go barefoot.


The Point.  Have fun with your outfit!  If you’re not the type of groom or couple who are typically traditional, don’t go traditional with your wedding attire. Your wedding day is supposed to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Make the day your own. Of course you might have to appease to your family’s preference at some point, but your outfit doesn’t have to be the place. Wear a wooden bow tie or a floral-printed suit. Just remember to be yourself and have fun. Remain the fabulous couple that you are and feel happy in the delicious clothes you are in!

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