Sip and Twirl Offers Wedding Planning in Hawaii! / by Laurie Cohen

Aloha! I guess you could say my heart belongs in Hawaii.... as well at Scottsdale, San Francisco and New Orleans. We all leave a piece of ourselves in the places we have grown up and we cherish the memories we created there.  Growing up in a place as unbelievably beautiful as Hawaii (the "town" side of O'ahu, be exact) has had a huge impact on me and my identity.  I always say there are two types of people who visit Hawaii: the types of people who enjoy their vacation, and the types who know, at some point, they MUST live there.  Eventually, I would love to take my family back to the Islands more full time, but the Hawaii State Legislature has provided us with another opportunity until then.  

Because of Hawaii's support of Marriage Equality, Sip and Twirl will begin planning weddings in Hawaii later this year.  We couldn't be more thrilled to get to share the same feelings of Aloha that made their mark on me so many years ago!