Go Arizona! / by Laurie Cohen

Good Morning Arizona!!  We're celebrating our Governor this morning who overturned our latest Legislative embarrassment.  Legislative Bill 1062 was another strike on Arizona's Equal Rights record and a blow to Arizona's business community.  Disapproval was heard from across corporate america in response to the bill which claimed to protect religious freedom by empowering businesses to deny service to clients whose choices prove contrary to their own beliefs.   It's legalized discrimination masquerading as religious protection.  

THANKFULLY, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer got it right.  Amidst pressure from the local and national business community as well as civil rights groups, Governor Brewer used her veto to reject the bill.  To paraphrase a comment from today's NY Times,  "In [Arizona], victory really arrives on the day when the people with money decide that discrimination is bad for business" Baby steps, Arizona.  Here we go...!