Are you Ready for Your Gay Wedding? / by Laurie Cohen

We have all been thinking about it for so long...and many of our gay friends say they are waiting to marry until the State of Arizona legalizes Gay Marriage.  It looks like that day is finally right around the corner and you will finally be able to call your partner your husband or you wife.  At Sip and Twirl, our planners want to make sure you are prepared for your Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe or Glendale FABULOUS same sex wedding?  Sip and Twirl wants to walk with you down this historic path!  We know you will want to have an amazing wedding, big or small, and that you will want it to be sooner rather than later.  We have prepared a few different packages to make this happen for you and your partner, and we can bring your wedding to life at light speed.  

Do you just need a few flowers for your intimate ceremony or do you fancy a lavish ballroom reception with chandeliers and candelabras?  Do you envision a sleek art gallery or an elegant patio.  It's almost "go time," so it's time to think about the details and make them a reality!  Email us to set up a free consultation and begin planning the wedding of your dreams.