| SIP AND TWIRL| ARIZONA WEDDING PLANNER: Watch Your Love Bloom this Spring with these 10 Dates / by Kristen Bradley

Looking for some creative date ideas to keep things exciting with your person?  Look no further!  Here are 10 fun, unique and romantic date ideas to strengthen your relationship one date at a time this spring.  

Spring Couple Love Flowers

Plant an herb garden.  Head to your local nursery or natural grocer to find basil, rosemary and mint plants or seeds, (or any variety of your favorites), to plant at home.  Watching something grow together will feel great all season. 

Go hiking during wildflower season. Our favorite spot to go hiking in the spring in Arizona is the Superstition Mountains, where wild desert poppies decorate the landscape.  If you’re into photography, make sure to bring your camera!  If you have allergies, pack your ‘survival kit’ or push back your hike by a few weeks so that you can enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Get a couple’s massage together.  If a massage is out of your budget you can check out Groupon or similar sites for massage deals, or you can pick up your favorite brand’s lotion and scrub to do one at home.  If you are splurging and are local to Scottsdale, go for the Alvadora Spa at the Royal Palms.  You will feel as if you have been transported into an oasis in the heart of the desert.

See a comedy show together.  Laughter creates bonds in a relationship, and will give you something to joke about in the weeks that follow. Check out Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Old Town Scottsdale for a cozy and casual night out.  After you’ve had your fill of stand-up, wander around the streets of Old Town, and peek into the art gallery windows, choosing your favorites.  

Get outdoors.  Run, walk the dog, play catch, or stretch in the grass.  Outdoor activities can bring out a more playful side in your relationship.  Some of the best spots in Scottsdale to have fun outside are scattered around the Greenbelt.  Our current favorite spot to stroll or go for a jog is the lake at McCormick Ranch.


Go stargazing.  Drive out of the city for 30-60 minutes, pack a cozy blanket, and a thermos of your favorite beverage.  Arizona boasts unbelievable stargazing, and you can check out a few of the best spots here.  Other essential items to pack include a red flashlight, a musical instrument if you are musically inclined, a laser pointer to point out specific stars, and make sure to download a stargazing app on your smartphone so that you can see which constellations are above you.  

Go on a double, or triple date.  Find a local restaurant that specializes in shared plates and delicious wine.  Our favorite spot locally is Kazimierz Wold Wine Bar in Old Town Scottsdale.  Kaz’s wine list is extensive, and their knowledgeable servers will help you navigate the menu to choose the right bottle. You won’t regret ordering the Northern Territory flatbread or the marinated mixed olives.    

Go for a walk after dinner.  It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses that life throws us, and making space for quality time at the end of the day with your significant other is always a great investment.  Better yet, go for a walk for a few nights in a row, and you may just develop a new positive habit! 

Do something unexpected for your partner.  Fill up the tank or get their car washed.  You can also leave a appreciation note in their lunch or work bag.  Make a quick selfie video lip syncing a funny love song, or pick up flowers on your way home from work.  We realize this isn’t a date per say, but have a hunch that your spontaneity will lead you to share a special moment with your person.

Check out that restaurant that you’ve been talking about.  Having a dinner date is the classic romantic date night out, and this time make a exciting by wearing your very favorite outfit, and don’t let you partner see you getting ready!  The build up will create excitement.  If you need help picking out a restaurant, and are local to the Phoenix Valley, check out these new and exciting culinary destinations.  

Dinner Date