Taking 10 minutes after your wedding ceremony. / by Laurie Cohen

Arizona Wedding Planner Sip and Twirl

In Jewish wedding tradition, a newly married couple takes 10-15 minutes alone together after the wedding ceremony to symbolize their newly wedded state.  While this "Yichud" is still exercised as a Jewish custom, it is becoming popular with couples of all cultures.  

Your wedding day will go by quickly. After months and months of planning every detail of your wedding day, the clock seems to speed up as you celebrate with all your friends and family.  For this reason, you might consider taking 15 minutes alone together after the ceremony.  Sign your marriage license and then retire to a prearranged location, away from the guests and the party. Spend your first few minutes as a married couple together, to celebrate each other.  Your wedding planner can help you arrange this and steal you away for a little time alone before you return to the party.  You will treasure these special moments for the rest of your lives.