| SIP AND TWIRL| ARIZONA WEDDING PLANNER: 5 Awesome Ways to Include Your Dad in Your Wedding Planning Process by Kristen Bradley

It’s not uncommon for the father of the bride to be an underutilized resource in your planning process, and the truth is, most dads want to be helpful!  Dads are usually pretty good at following a set of directions; they can keep objective in highly emotional moments, and they want to show their daughters support.  Check out these ideas for ways that you can put your dad to work, while enjoying some amazing moments together leading up to your wedding. 

Father Bride Daughter

Making Decisions

It’s easy for brides to feel overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available in stylizing a wedding.  Your dad may be the right person to balance practicality and logistics with your design vision.  Ask your dad what he thinks, and you’re likely to get a straightforward, objective opinion.  Sometimes when a person is too close to a project, it just takes some fresh eyes to find a solution.  Of course professional wedding planners are an excellent resource for this exact reason as well!  

Managing Family Members

During your wedding week, and of course the day leading up to your wedding, you will feel your energy and attention pulled in lots of different directions by many different people.  Ask your wedding planner for your wedding timeline or agenda.  Review this with your dad and ask him to help you gently manage your family members and their itineraries.  He can help pick people up from the airport, and get guests situated with the flow of the weekend, freeing up a small portion of your time during the wedding week.  

Checking Last Minute Things From the List

Keep a pocket sized notebook with you, or use a note-taking app on your phone to write down any loose ends that you think of leading up to your wedding.  No matter how much you can accomplish, you’ll always need an extra set of helping hands to finish last-moment errands and tasks.  Your dad will most likely not only love coming to your aid, but will probably welcome getting a bit of fresh air from the wedding week action inside the house.

Easing Pre-Wedding Anxiety

If you are experiencing jitters about your wedding, or even a classic case of ‘cold-feet’, your dad can be a wonderful listening ear and confidant.  Go out for a drive, or take him out for a soothing cup of tea, and share what’s on your mind.  After all, your dad has likely been in a similar position as you in the past.  He has your best interests at heart, and will ultimately want to give you valuable advice.  

Father Bride Daughter Wedding

Having Fun

Don’t forget, you still have your big moment coming up with your dad at your wedding for your father-daughter dance!  If your dad isn’t known for his smooth dance moves, suggest taking a couple of ballroom dance classes together.  Letting loose with your dad can alleviate some of the pre-wedding stress, and bonus, if you enjoy yourself and your fiancé is game, sign up for a few extra classes with your husband-to-be.  

There are lots of additional ways that dads can help in the wedding planning process.  Leave us a comment with the ways that your dad or another loved one came to your rescue during your wedding.  

Speaking of rescuing; we’re here to help! A professional wedding planner is the ultimate resource for objective advice and getting things done during your wedding planning process.  Sip and Twirl is Arizona’s leading wedding planning company, and we are passionate about helping our clients design their dream weddings.  Reach out to us at any time at, or 480-648-0663 during business hours.