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Arizona Wedding Budget: Part 1- Realistic Wedding Budget Expectations by Laurie Cohen

"WOW! I had NO IDEA how much a wedding was going to cost!"

At Sip and Twirl, we plan and coordinate weddings almost every weekend of the year.  Each new season brings with it big changes.  New engagements, hot new color palettes, innovative wedding design trends and new variations on faithful old classics.  One thing that does not seem to change,however, is the frequency of the exclamation, “We had NO IDEA how much a weddng was going to cost!”. we go...over the next series of delicious little blog posts,  I set out to prepare you. You will love me, you will hate me, you will laugh, you may cry...but I promise to be honest and share my experience. 

Don’t let me scare you...yet.  Yes, our new clients are often surprised at how budget items can add up. It’s not that we sit down with our clients and shock them with a whole bunch of extra zeroes, it's just that there are a LOT of moving parts to your upcoming wedding.  Your wedding is a going to be bigggg party.  And this party, (no pressure) happens to be one that occurs once in a lifetime and includes most of your family and friends. I bet you have a bunch of ideas.  You may have thoughts about how elegant, glamorous and memorable you want your wedding and reception to be. You may have an idea about what flowers you want, what you want your dress to be like or where you would like to get married.   But I’d be willing to bet (warning: it’s not a fair bet, I have asked and I know the answer) that exactly zero percent have priced out their favorite photographer, linens, crystal, caterer and venue.  So when you get to the budgeting and quoting stage of the planning process, sometimes the math is….not so friendly.  Not to worry! Wedding planners are friendly and Sip and Twirl is particularly so!  We will help you plan in advance so there are fewer surprises.

Over the next few weeks we will dig into some nitty gritty details regarding what you can expect to spend on different vendors for your big day.  We will provide you with rock bottom to high end estimates so you have a wedding budget range to consider.  But let's start with the framework....your Guest Count.  

Stay tuned for Wedding Guest Count