| SIP AND TWIRL| ARIZONA WEDDING PLANNER: 6 Signs That You Need a Wedding Planner…ASAP! / by Kristen Bradley

Planning your wedding should be an exciting and joy-filled time in your life, but let’s be honest, it can also come with a large dose of unnecessary family drama and stress. The good news is that there are pros out there that can not only help you plan your wedding, but will help you fall in love with every step along the way. Here are some serious signs wedding planning has taken over your life, and that it’s time to call for help!

Photo by Ben & Kelly Photography

Photo by Ben & Kelly Photography

You procrastinate on tasks that really need to get done

It’s common to completely ignore important tasks when you feel overwhelmed, and if you find yourself neglecting a few vital things you know are time sensitive, you's probably benefit from some professional guidance!  If your wedding date is more ‘looming’ and less ‘approaching’, then it’s time to take a breath, and find help.  A wedding planner will help prioritize the most important things to do, book and coordinate key vendors, and manage your guest list.  Some wedding planners will even be able to help you find vendors that you didn’t consider, and often cost less than an initial quote you received, saving you money in the end!  

You’re skipping lunch to run wedding errands at work

Skipping meals or eating unhealthy food to-go will not only put a major kink in your wedding fitness plan, it can also lead to exaggerated emotions and increased stress.  If you need to jam-pack your day so much that you’re sacrificing regular meal time, it’s probably time to call in for reinforcements!  

Each of your vendors appears multiple times in your recent calls

It can be overwhelming to narrow down the list of possible vendors and to visit them during business hours to understand if their product, service, or level of professionalism is the right fit for your big day.  Luckily, vendor selection and coordination is a speciality of most wedding planners.  Working with a planner on this aspect of your wedding can literally save you dozens and dozens of hours.  Wedding planners will usually have a short list of vendors who are dependable, who offer good value for the products or services delivered, and who are pros in their industry.  Plus, a huge bonus in involving a wedding planner on booking vendors is that they can help you understand each detail of vendor contracts, and will know what questions to ask during the booking process.  

You start questioning all of your decisions…

But then you don’t, or wait, maybe you do?!  If this has been your experience, it’s likely you’re overthinking things when you want to start scraping all of your original plans for something “better”.  Worrying you made the wrong call about your venue, your bridesmaid dress colors, or your photographer will only feed your stress level even more.  If some serious doubt starts creeping up, know that this can be normal in the planning process, but that it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion.  If you don’t already have a wedding planner, start by reaching out to book a consultation, and in the meantime, you can talk through your plans with your maid of honor or one of your bridesmaids to clear your mind.  

Your fiancé starts to joke about eloping

It’s likely your fiancé is less involved in the wedding planning process than you are, but it’s also likely they hear more about everything wedding-related than anyone else.  If you hear your fiancé say something to the tune of, “I will be so glad when all of this is over”, or jokingly, (except not), “maybe we should just go to city hall?”, you know it’s time to refocus your efforts and your energy.  

It stops being fun

Bottom line, the focus of planning your wedding should be positive —you have found your life person after all!  When there is a negative shift, such as focusing on overbooked vendors, people who RSVPed “no”, or not getting something from your registry, it’s time to take a step back and focus on what’s most important to you and your partner.  A wedding planner will help you by alleviating the most burdensome tasks so that you can truly enjoy your engagement.  

Photo by Ben & Kelly Photography

Photo by Ben & Kelly Photography

While wedding planning has its ups and downs, the process should be joy-filled and FUN.  We at Sip and Twirl get jazzed about helping couples' enjoy the planning process and ultimately create the day of their dreams.  Reach out to us at info@sipandtwirl.com or 480-648-0663 to see if your date is available.