10 Apps to help make Wedding Planning Fun / by Laurie Cohen

arizona wedding planner

Wedding Season has begun here in Arizona and Sip and Twirl started off with a bang last weekend in Scottsdale.  Congrats to Christine and Ryan! We look forward to sharing the photos with you. 

As we were prepping for wedding season, it occurred to me how many online tools and apps we use with our clients and that our readers could benefit from knowing about them.  

Here we go: 

1. Voxer--our favorite. Voxer is a voice messaging app for your phone.  Voxer allows you to have ongoing conversations with an individual or a group.  We use it with our teams as well as with our brides.  Voxer PRO also doubles as a realtime walkie talkie between our wedding planners on wedding day. 

2. Pinterest--Visual Communication at it's finest and Pinterest is a tool everyone is already using. When you say you want an "elegant wedding" in Phoenix, what does that mean?  When we look at our couples wedding pins or they look at ours, we become clear on our design direction.  

3. Squarespace--Need a wedding website? Squarespace offers elegant and easy to use templates designed specifically for weddings.  Just add photos and your content.  When you sign up for squarespace for a year, they include a domain for free so go crazy picking out your custom domain name.  Squarespace includes tools like online RSVP at no additional charge. 

4. Wedding Party--App to stay in touch with wedding party and guests and keep everyone apprised of the latest scoop.   It's a fun way for all your peeps to stay on the same page.  

5. Instagram--Find that custom hashtag for your wedding day and make sure to let everyone know what it is.  Remind your guests to use it at rehearsal dinner, wedding day and everything else you have planned leading up to your big weekend.  

6. ooVoo---Communicating with a group of people who live in different places can be challenging. ooVoo takes the pain away with a fabulous FaceTime-like App that allows multiple sessions from your phone, tablet or computer.  

7.  Accuweather--watch the weather. Starting a couple of weeks before your wedding, you will want to start watching the weather forecast for your wedding day. Even for weddings Arizona.  March and November are beautiful but on occasion, a storm rolls through or it's unseasonably hot or cold.  Being prepared is the best solution.  A tent, heater or fan can really save the day. 

8. Wedding Scan--Turn your iPhone into a barcode scanner to register for gifts everywhere. 

9. Drop Box-- and 10.  google drive...both great options to store and share documents, lists, etc..

This is our list!  If you have a favorite wedding planning app that you would like to share, we'd love to hear about it!