Tightwad Tuesday - Where NOT to save / by Laurie Cohen

This week's Tightwad Tuesday is a little different than usual.  Even if you are like me and try to save money wherever you can, there are some places where your budget dollars are worth spending.  Today I am going to discuss high value wedding budget items on which you may not want to skimp.  

1. Wedding Photography and Cinematography: I tell people this over and over.  All your hard work. All the details. All the family. The day is going to go by so quickly and the pictures are what you get to take with you and keep forever. Photography is a pivotal budget item.  As wedding planners, we input the photography number very early on in the development of your wedding budget.  I don't believe you need to spend a fortune to get a great photographer, nor do I believe a big budget guarantees you fabulous wedding photos.  Consult your wedding planner to find a tried and true photographer that will be a great fit for you, your venue and your wallet.

2. Service Staff. Your guests would have a better time eating BBQ and being well taken care of than eating Filet while navigating a chaotic, mismanaged reception.  Make sure your catering team is well equipped for the number of guests at your wedding. If your caterer has never worked at your venue, a pre wedding site tour is a great  idea to help them prepare for the big day. 

3. Small impact items--like boutonnieres.  If you try to reduce your 6 groomsmen boutonnieres from $20 to $15 you are going to save $30.  When looking at your budget and trying to reduce costs, it helps to focus on bigger items that there are many of.  We just reduced bridesmaid bouquets to really fabulous wrist corsages for an upcoming Fall wedding and the couple saved $400.  

So, while there are many places to save along the wedding planning way, photography, service staff and small savings items are NOT where you want to tighten your budget.  

Questions?  Feel free to email us to discuss further.