Tightwad Tuesday-Heirloom Wedding Gowns / by Laurie Cohen

Happy Tightwad Tuesday Friends! Today we have a goodie for you.  It may not work for everyone, but if you are a sentimental bride and your mother preserved her wedding gown, this wedding planning tip may be for you!


First, you probably need to be within a few sizes of your moms wedding gown. If you are, even if the style isn't your favorite, you may have the start of your wedding dress. Ask to take the gown out of preservation and try it on.

Consider wearing your mom's wedding gown or transforming it into the perfect fit for you! Not sure how to go about it...try these steps:

1. Look through bridal magazines and websites and clip a bunch of photos of dresses you like.

 2.  Schedule appointments at bridal shops to try sample wedding dresses on. You may find the dress of your dreams. If so, you may choose to order your dress that way. If you don't find "the one", continue on to step 3.

3. Make an appointment with a wedding seamstress in your area. Bring your mom's dress and your wedding dress pics with you.  Discuss modifications that will turn your mother's wedding gown into your perfect match!

Even if you don't wear your mother's wedding dress, consider including a piece of it or a section of her veil as your "something old".  We've sewn sections inside new wedding gowns and wrapped them around bridal bouquets.  The mother daughter thing gets us every time.