Wedding Wednesday - Brandy and Kristie / by Laurie Cohen


Today, I have a large task before me.  As I set out to blog this Wedding Wednesday,  I am scared because I cannot imagine the words I could choose that would adequately depict how much I adore these wonderful women.  About a year ago, I met Brandy and Kristie for the first time. We grabbed a table outside at a cafe and began to talk.  They were recently engaged after a long, loving relationship. They were so excited to be married.  More than a little terrified about the process of planning their wedding, they wanted help with every step of the planning. They wanted help creating a beautiful day, one that wasn't too fussy or too casual. They were police women with crazy work schedules and they needed help.  We hit it off and chatted for hours.  This was a routine that would repeat itself every couple of weeks for the entire year.  I enjoyed every minute of their company.  The love they have for each other and the long road that lead them to this day was compelling and I was so lucky to get to share that with them. 

The ladies wanted a modern, slightly industrial feeling wedding in Downtown Phoenix and they wanted it to be "them."   The venue we booked was monOrchid gallery in the heart of the Downtown Phoenix art district known as Roosevelt Row. It was the perfect choice for their wedding ceremony and reception.  Surrounded by bold, eclectic art, the monorchid neighborhood is bathed in color reflective of the girls' own ink.  

I would like to thank our Officiant,  Matt Nathanson for just being Matt Nathanson; and our dynamic wedding photographer, Brittany Janelle Photography for walking alongside us on this journey and knocking it out of the park. 


phoenix-wedding-sip and twirl.jpg

 Brandy and Kristie had gotten engaged before Arizona had legalized gay marriage.   None of us had any grand illusions of  legalization by their 01/2015 wedding date,  but we were going to plan their downtown phoenix wedding marriage license or not.  When I got the news that it had became legal in the morning hours of October 17th, I got to call them with the news. When I took the license from them at the rehearsal, tears welled up in my eyes.  Brandy and Kristie's wedding was our first gay wedding recognized by the state.  Getting to witness these two wonderful ladies signing their Arizona marriage license was a very special moment in my life. It was a memorable day in Sip and Twirl history. The whole team showed up to witness it.  


Over the course of 2014, our working relationship grew into friendship.  The entire Sip and Twirl team was invested in the absolute success of their wedding day.  

To Brandy and Kristie:  It was an honor to share this time with you.  Now you are stuck with us.  And since you're cops....if we ever get into trouble....well, you know the drill.

 Wedding Vendors

Photography: Brittany Janelle Photography

Flowers: Fiori Floral Design

DJ: Rich Mancini, Mancini Entertainment

Officiant: Matt Nathanson

Venue: monOrchid

Caterer: Heidi's Events and Catering

Escort Cards: Sip and Twirl Design Team

Brandy's Bridal Gown/Suit: Lana Gerimovich at Alis Fashion Design

Kristie's Bridal Suit: Parker and Schmidt Clothiers