Tightwad Tuesday: Break with tradition / by Laurie Cohen

I hope everyone had a fabulous and romantic Valentines Day!  You deserve it!


You have quite a few close friends and/or family members you'd like in your wedding party....but with each bridesmaid comes the cost of a bridesmaid bouquet which can add $200 each to the budget.  Here are a couple of ideas:  

  • Skip the bridesmaid bouquets and give each of the ladies a wrist corsage or a modest floral crown (in Hawaii, we call these Haku Lei's)
  • Decorate the aisle with the bridesmaid bouquets and have the groomsman who escorts each maid, collect the bouquet and hand it to the bridesmaid during the processional. This way the bouquets can serve as ceremony decor and bridesmaid bouquets.  

Every wedding, no matter how lavish, comes with choices.  When you are creating your budget, list your priorities, as well as the things that are less important to you and your partner.  Revisit the list as you navigate through the planning process to stay on track.