RSVP: Knowledge is Power / by Laurie Cohen


While I was meeting with a lovely family last night I had one of those "A-ha" moments that usually hits me after I have heard a common concern voiced for the umpteenth time .  

As most couples and families round the corner to the home stretch of wedding planning, our focus shifts to RSVP's, final guest counts and escort cards.  This is also the same time many brides and their families revisit the idea of hiring a "Day Of" Wedding Coordinator.  The details seem to multiply exponentially, and friends and family have questions on where to stay, what to wear and where they will be seated.   You may be in better shape than you think, but then the RSVP due date comes...and goes. And you still have 75 outstanding responses. 

For all you lovely couples, and mothers of the brides and grooms in the early stages of planning, I will give you a look into your future. You may have the rare wedding in which everyone RSVP's on time. But if you don't, please know you are not alone.  Almost half of our clients report having greater than 30% of their responses as "TBD" past their due date.  

That can be frustrating. But knowledge is power.  Before you send out invites, assign someone(s) on each side of the couple to reach out to the undecided invitees to find out if they are a "yay" or a "nay."  By the time RSVP's are due, you and your moms will have a lot of other details to attend to.  Having someone you trust to chase down the undecided guests will save you time and energy.