Tightwad Tuesday / by Laurie Cohen

wedding planner.jpg

Welcome to Sip and Twirl's First Ever "Tightwad Tuesday."  Each Tuesday our wedding planners will offer suggestions and money saving tips to make your wedding fabulous without breaking the bank.  Here's todays tip:

Skip the favor.  

That's right. I said it. And I love a good favor as much as anyone but times have changed and it isn't considered "bad form"  to let your wedding guests leave without a party favor.  Over the years, I've seen anywhere from 20-80% of favors left behind.  Depending on your guest count, foregoing a favor can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you have your heart set on a favor idea, go for it! But if not, don't feel obligated.   If you really don't want folks to leave empty handed,  set up a table of snacks or bottles of water for their ride home.