A Note from our Clients / by Laurie Cohen

Any wedding planner will tell you, we work long hours and the pay, really isn't that great once you break it down by the hour.  But there is a reason we do what we do.  It is INCREDIBLE to be a part of our couples' weddings.  Sip and Twirl has always advocated equality and planned wedding for LGBT couples before it was "legal" in Arizona. Brandy and Kristie's wedding was our first lesbian wedding with an Arizona marriage license.  Needless to say there were some tears...

We just read their thank you note:


To Laurie and & Sip and Twirl Crew,

You ladies have been so amazing! You have made this experience so enjoyable for us! It was such a relief to give you the reins, know it was going to be perfect and not have to worry. 
Thank you for being so open minded, warm and accepting. The world could learn a thing or two from Sip and Twirl.  We will miss you ladies!! You are totally amazing.  

Love, Brandy and Kristie


  B&K- There was nothing to "accept".  We are who we are.  We love you! XOXOXO