Arizona Wedding Budget: Part 2- Your Wedding Guest Count. It's a numbers game. / by Laurie Cohen

 We are back to talk about Wedding Guest Count!

For a variety of reasons 150 is a very popular number for weddings. We design and plan all types of weddings. From intimate weddings with 10 guests to large events with hundreds of attendees.  But 150 seems to be the golden number with marrying couples.  So we will use that for our baseline for this blog series.  And you'd like to know what you can expect to spend on your 150 guest wedding....Back to that in a moment. (I promise.) 

  Just like there seems to be a popular number of invited guests with wedding planning clients. There are some popular budget numbers as well.  I get emails from many couples who have decided their budget is $20,000.  Now, $20,000 is a LOT of money.  And 150 guests is a great size for a wedding.  The issue here isn't the budget or the guest count. It's the COMBINATION of 150 guests and a $20,000 budget. 

For the purposes of streamlining this discussion, we will define our terms. We are talking about a wedding at a rented venue, where the dinner and bar are catered or provided by the banquet services. We are not referring to a backyard bbq where your uncle makes all the food and serves everyone. 

  So here it is.  I am going to say it.  You will curse me now, as the messenger, but I am certain you will thank me later.   While you do not have to spend 100,000 to have a gorgeous and elegant wedding for 150 guests….you will have a really difficult time having the items you would like at your wedding and reception for 150 guests for $20,000.  In Arizona we suggest a minimum range of $30,000-45,000. Your jaw may drop, or you may be saying, "Yeah, I believe it."   But now the worst is over.  

Next time we will start going over the real ins and outs of your budget and tell you why....And I am going to help prepare you and suggest ways to save, so you can have the wedding YOU want.

Stay Tuned for Part 3- Your Wedding Food and Beverage Budget