The Low-Down on High-Tech: How it can improve your wedding planning experience / by Laurie Cohen

We have all grown familiar with social media and how it has changed the way we communicate with others, be it friends, family, or businesses.  But did you know that it has also re-shaped the way you can plan your wedding? There are some incredible devices right at your fingertips, making the planning process more fun and manageable. 

Here are four of our favorite tech tools for wedding planning:

 Pinterest: A great and super efficient way to communicate your design visions to your planner, day or night. Brides loving pinning beautiful wedding details, and as planners, we often find ourselves immersed in all of the beauty and uniqueness the site provides. At Sip and Twirl, one of the ways we leverage technology in the design process is with Pinterest. We collaborate with our clients to develop a cohesive and authentic design. Note: We keep your board private so all of the gorgeousness can be debuted on the wedding day, and not showcased to your Pinterest friends beforehand.

Instagram: Not just a place for flattering, filtered pictures (although we love that feature!). Instagram is an awesome place to capture all of your photos from different guests, in one place. Whether it is your bachelorette, bridal shower or actual wedding day, as a couple you can come up with a hash tag and ask guests to use it when posting. We are partial to the really unique, fun ones (think "jenandmitchgethitched" or "thebrownssayido").

Include the hash tag on your save the date, wedding invitation, and even on a sign at the wedding (by the entrance or the bar are good locations).

Voxer: Haven’t heard of it? Neither had we until recently, but now it has become an essential part of our planning process! Voxer is a free app that serves as a place to leave short voice messages back and forth with someone (or multiple people). Think of a walkie-talkie without the annoying static. Voxer is great for couples to use with each other or with their planner to express ideas that may come to them at an inopportune time to call the planner (middle of the night). Especially toward the end of the planning process, a bride will often times have fleeting ideas or concerns. To verbalize them in a convenient, direct way to the wedding planner is important and Voxer has proven to be our favorite way to do so.

Our own streamlined S&T planning software: We give each couple/planner an account with tools for scheduling, budget, online RSVP, client and vendor collaboration, electronic signature collection for contracts and ceremony/reception layout mapping. It's a wedding portal where we can all find and refine the details of your big day. Other cool features include a calendaring system complete with reminders and a message board to communicate with your planner and vendors.