Sip and Twirl: Wedding Planning Whatnot...How to get started planning / by Laurie Cohen



So, you are engaged and everyone is asking if you have set a date yet.  It feels like there is a lot to do but it is the holiday season and you're not quite sure where to start.  Here are a few suggestions to help your wedding planning get off on the right foot:


1. Get the folks working on their guest lists and begin your own as well.  Once you complete a first pass, you may realize there are a few other important people you want to add.

2. Research wedding budget and figure out what yours will be.  Discuss this with family who might have offered to contribute, and then sit down with your partner to discuss how much you have saved or will put away each month for some of the items.  


3. Contact 3 wedding planners and set up appointments to meet and discuss packages.  These appointments can be very informative and you will learn how you can benefit from each. 

4. On the off chance you don't have a wedding board on Pinterest....get to it:-)

5. Create your wedding website and consider signing up with one of the many apps out there to keep your wedding party and family up to date with the planning. Check out Appy Couple and  Wedding Party.  If you prefer voice communication download the voxer app and create a group vox to stay in touch with your wedding party and/or family. 

Once the holidays are over, and once you have taken some time to celebrate your new engagement, the big foundation pieces of the planning process (and the time sensitive details) will come into focus.   You'll be off to the races before you know it! 

 Much Love from your Arizona Wedding Team at Sip and Twirl.