Arizona Wedding Budget: Part 5 Photography "Sweet Spot" / by Laurie Cohen


The memories of your wedding are priceless.  Since, over time, the vision in our mind's eye will fade, we rely on photography and cinematography to capture and preserve those image for future years and generations.  As wedding planners, we highly prioritize "memories" within your wedding budget.  You will not regret, EVER, having made the choice to invest in the services of an excellent photographer or cinematographer.  Finding an artistic, talented and technically savvy photographer with a great eye is a crucial piece of the wedding budget puzzle.  Our job is to help you find a  photographer that captures all of the beauty, elegance and detail of your day at a price you can live with.  

 Photography Services and Prints/Albums:

a.     Rock bottom: $2500. 

Pro's- Lower Cost

Cons/Risk-  Image/Shot Quality. You may spend more than you think your photos are worth. 

b.     Sweet spot: $4000-6500

Pro's-Image/Shot Quality- Hope to get VERY high quality results. 

Cons/Risk- Impact to budget

c.      High End: 10,000+

Pro's-Hope to get VERY high quality results. 

Cons/Risk- High impact to budget.

    You may be able to find a rare amazing, young photographer for $1500-2500. But in our experience, 99.9% of impressive photographers will run between $3000 and $9000 for your wedding day.  Not all of these are high value.   You will want to examine what they are offering. Some photography packages include a set number of hours, whereas others are unlimited. Some will include rehearsal dinner or engagement shoot. Others are wedding day only.  Some packages include albums, professional prints or electronic images. Other packages are just priced for the photographer’s service, which means prints are an additional cost. 

Our Scottsdale wedding planners have found a sweet spot around $4000-6500.  The key is to find up and coming photographers who are masterful at their craft, technical with their equipment and have created packages that are not limiting.  Your wedding planner has seen thousands of images from hundreds of photographers and the weddings they have completed together.  Your planner is invested in helping you select a photographer you will love.   TRUST your wedding planner to point you to a "sweet spot" photographer.