Getting Started: How to Choose Your Venue / by Kate Baskauskas

While basking in the glow of your engagement and anticipating your upcoming wedding day, one of the first major items on the “to do” list is to choose your venue.  While some couples have been eyeing a certain venue for years, others may need more time to choose a location that can live up to all of their expectations.  Booking a venue in advance is important – many will book up quickly, and once the location is secured, it will allow you and your planner to start in on the details!


Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options:

1. What time of year do you envision having your wedding?

            There are several factors that can contribute to this answer.  Do you already have a color scheme in mind? If so, those colors may correspond best with a certain season.  Are you set on having an outdoor wedding?  If so, maybe spring/summer is your best bet. Although your big day IS about you, it’s important to think about your guests as well. Is a certain time of year easier for your family/young ones to travel to your wedding?  Choosing the season to have your wedding will guide you one step closer to your venue because it will rule out certain locations (for example, if you are having a winter wedding, you may stray away from outdoor-only venues) AND having a date set will make sure that you get on the venue’s calendar before they book up!

2. Is holding the ceremony in a place of worship a “must” for you?

            If so, having a venue with a church/temple/etc. on site will be a defining factor for you. Holding your ceremony in a place of worship and shuttling the guests to a nearby reception is another option.  A tip: Check out schools/colleges! Often, private schools have a beautiful church or temple on campus and sometimes will have a nearby hall to rent out for your reception. Having your wedding at your or your partner’s alma mater could be a fun, nostalgic choice!


3. What kind of ambiance do you want for your big day?

            Clean and modern? Rustic chic? Romantic fairytale? There are a number of ways you can go as far as the style of your wedding. Make sure you and your partner sit down and talk about what you would like the overall “feel” for your day to be.  Here in Arizona, we are lucky to have a variety of different wedding atmospheres, from the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, to ultra modern loft space in downtown Phoenix.


At Sip and Twirl, we have gotten the chance to work at some amazing venues!  Here are three of our favorites. We are confident that every couple can find something for them within these three great choices. Which one is most alluring to you?


monOrchid: Located in the heart of the art district in downtown Phoenix, this beautifully re-constructed warehouse is a place of collaboration, creativity and celebration.  Your wedding is sure to be a unique event when held in this gorgeous art gallery with endless options for décor and personalization.


Desert Foothills: Rustic chic at its best! Desert Foothills is truly a hidden gem, located in Scottsdale. With plenty of outdoor space available and its seriously stunning barn, you won’t find a better place to hold your Arizonan wedding.


Montelucia Resort: One of the most romantic and interesting resorts in the Scottsdale area, the Montelucia is the perfect place to hold your wedding, year-round. The grounds are impeccable and the service is stellar. Plus, your guests can stay on site!


Stay tuned for a post on the differences between your “venue coordinator” and your “wedding planner”!