How a Wedding Planner Can SAVE You Money / by Kate Baskauskas

When starting to plan your wedding day, there are numerous costs associated with the big day. From the rentals to the venue, the food to the photographer, it seems like your once modest budget can easily expand with each element. Hiring a wedding planner on top of everything else may seem like it is an added expense that perhaps isn't necessary. We want to let you in on a secret -- a wedding planner can actually SAVE you money in the grand scheme of things. Here are three ways:

1. More bang for your buck! Think of planners as a valuable insider resource into the wedding industry, able to scope out the absolute best values for you. At Sip & Twirl, we are proud to have strong, lasting relationships with vendors and venues that have time and time again proved their talent to us. They consistently demonstrate 5 star talent at a 3 star price point. Introducing you to these hidden gems are one way we are able to deliver top notch quality while saving you money.  Additionally, Sip & Twirl, like many other full-service planning companies, owns some of our own rentals and can offer clients a great discount on those items.

2. Planners can help you read between the lines. There are contracts associated with nearly every aspect of a wedding (think caterer, photographer, venue, etc.) and we have seen our fair share of them. As planners, we carefully read and deal with these contracts for you and make sure that you are getting charged only for what you should be. Unnecessary extra charges and any fine print clarification can and should be dealt with before it's too late!

3. Time is money! Planning a wedding is a time consuming job. It can be difficult for a working bride and groom to sustain full-time jobs AND devote the appropriate amount of time to planning their big day. Planners are hired to help take the burden off of your shoulders by assisting in the decision making process in a timely matter to keep things moving along on schedule!

Perhaps more valuable than the money a planner can save you, is the peace of mind a planner can provide for you. Our job is to make the entire process easy and fun for you while saving you the unnecessary headaches and stress. There are sometimes unexpected last minute changes and fine-tuning to be made on your wedding day, and having someone there by your side who is able to gracefully handle all of that is, in a word, priceless.