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According to western wedding tradition, the bride remains hidden from the groom until she walks down the aisle during the wedding processional.  Stepping away from tradition, many couples are deciding to add a "First Look" to their wedding day timeline. For those of you unfamiliar with this new concept, the First Look is a private moment shared between the couple before the ceremony where they're given the opportunity to see each other . Not sure whether or not a First Look is right for your wedding? Here are a few thoughts to consider.

Perks of a First Look

Having a Private Moment with your Future Spouse. After all of the day-off preparations spent separate from one another, many couples enjoy seeing each other for a few moments before walking down the aisle and saying their vows.  It is an intimate moment and a lovely time to connect before you both get swept up in the wedding and reception. 

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Calming Any Pre-Wedding Jitters. Prior to the wedding ceremony, many brides and grooms start to build up nerves of excitement when anticipating walking down the aisle. The First Look gives couples a chance to spend a few minutes of low-pressure relaxation time together to re-center. 

Creating a Picture Perfect Moment.  A First Look can be prepared for and arranged in the perfect lighting.  Your wedding planner, wedding photographer and cinematographer will work together to select a perfect location with ideal lighting that will result in gorgeous photos that you'll look back on for the rest of your life.

Easing the Wedding Day Timeline.  A First look will enable the wedding party and family to take photos with the couple in advance of the ceremony. This saves time during cocktail hour so you can take some beautiful couple portraits and then get to the party.

Saving it for the Aisle


Embracing Tradition. Many couples prefer to stick to traditional aspects of their wedding because of how they once imagined themselves on their wedding day.

Saving Time for Other Wedding Day Activities. While wedding photos are already anticipated for the day of the wedding, if the couple chooses to not have a First Look, that is one less thing to add into the schedule prior to the ceremony. 

Adding Excitement to the Anticipation. Seeing your significant other walk towards you down the aisle with a look of happiness adds to the excitement of getting married to the love of your life. The beautiful moment is one all of your family and friends have the opportunity to witness, and your wedding photographer will be there to capture it.

FIRST LOOK Variations and Alternatives

Are you still having trouble deciding whether a first look is right for you and your soon-to-be spouse? Well, if you're trying to maintain tradition on your special day, you always have the option of doing a First Look with family members. What better way to involve your mother, father, grandparents or other family members into your wedding day than by setting aside a special moment for them to see you in your dress or suit. With this option, you're able to still keep your wedding attire a secret from your future spouse until you walk down the aisle, but can show someone dear to your heart in a surprising way as well.

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It is your wedding, so the decision of whether or not to have a First Look is entirely up to you. As wedding planners, we are here to help you make those big decisions that fit you best and then make them happen.  Weigh the options and see whether a First Look is for you!